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Mochi Order Form

The Buddhist Church of Stockton is preparing O-MOCHI for the New Year on Sunday, Nov. 19th, 2023, at the Buddhist Church of Stockton Social Hall. Please respond by returning the order form below before November 11th. All orders large or small will be greatly appreciated. Orders may be picked up at the Buddhist Church of Stockton, 2820 Shimizu Drive, from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. on November 19th, 2023. Note: New pickup time. All orders not picked up will be considered a donation to the Temple.

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Stockton Buddhist Women’s Assn. Rummage Sale

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Doors Open at 8:00am
Buddhist Church of Stockton

2820 Shimizu Drive, Stockton, CA 95203
Donations are welcome and will be accepted the following dates from 9:00am to noon only:

Thursday/Friday, September 21-22
Monday/Tuesday, October 16-17

Fundraiser for the Buddhist Church of Stockton! 839 1024 SBTAdmin

Fundraiser for the Buddhist Church of Stockton!

Friday, September 22, 2023

Place your order for pickup or delivery on Friday, September 22 !
Available at Panda Express locations nationwide



We cordially invite families with newborns and children up to one year of age to participate in our virtual Hatsumairi Ceremony, which will take place during our Zoom Gotan-e Service on Sunday, May 15, 2022. We also invite parents to register their children above one year of age to have their children presented as followers of the Buddha if they did not have an opportunity to participate in a Hatsumairi ceremony when they were infants.
Hatsumairi literally means, “first Buddhist service.” Often translated as “Infant Presentation Service,” Hatsumairi represents the first opportunity for parents to bring their children who were born during the previous year to our temple. At the same time, it gives our temple the opportunity to give expression to the Primal Vow of Amida Buddha, which embraces people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities.
If you wish to participate, please complete the form here and mail it to the Buddhist Church of Stockton by Saturday, April 30, 2022. Please call the temple at: (209) 466-6701 if you have any questions regarding this ceremony. Thank you!

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Sushi Master Class

Sunday, February 20, 2022

5:30 – 7:00pm

The Sushi Master Class: “Sushi & Sangha” has been rescheduled for Sunday evening, February 20th, from 5:30–7:00pm, via Zoom, with Guest Chef Graig Inaba.

For more information or to register for the class, please use the QR Code below, or use the following URL:

Registration fee:
$20.00 for temple members
$25.00 for non-members
(Please register by February 13, 2022)
Questions? Please email: [email protected]

“Great Compassion” Monument 150 150 SBTAdmin

“Great Compassion” Monument

This monument was dedicated on June 29, 1969 by Rev. Tesshin Shibata and Rev. LaVerne Sasaki.img7